Archives for January 2015

Grilled Chicken Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing

It was salad night again the other night in the Quest Kitchen. I usually have a salad a day because they are so easy to put together and you aren’t really limited by the combinations that you can make. Change the lettuce, change the protein, change the veggies. This time I even changed the dressing. […]

Creamy Mushroom Spinach Risotto

Have you ever had one of those dishes that just tastes rich and creamy but doesn’t have a drop of cream or dairy in it? Risotto is just one of those dishes. Risotto is a rice dish that is made with a short grain rice that has a lot of starch in it. You stir […]

Black Bean and Butternut Squash Salad with Smoky Paprika Dressing

I’m a huge believer in saving time whenever possible in the kitchen so most days I make a big salad for lunch. It’s simply a matter of picking a leafy green variety, a protein type, toss in a carb, and drizzle on a dressing. The combinations are endless so you don’t have to worry about […]

Chicken Medallions with Mushroom Sauce

For some reason, I’ve been buying a lot of mushrooms lately. I like the taste of them, but also the texture since they are really meat-like in recipes. You get the illusion of meat, but using mushrooms keeps the fat and calories down. You can use them in burgers, meat loaf, and other recipes. I had […]

Black Bean and Rice Veggie Burgers with Wilted Spinach

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you probably realize at this point that I’m pretty frugal. I try to make do with what I have before just buying more. This applies to all kinds of things including food. I hate having to create a grocery list for specific items and then ending up […]