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A Day Of Meals For Busy Days

This week is a weird week for everyone. We finished one holiday and it’s that not quite a “real” week before the next, but we at least need to give the illusion that we’re putting effort in at work. We’re busy making New Year’s plans. We’re probably tired of leftovers. We’ve got stuff on our […]

Dairy Free Lofthouse Style Cookies

Have you ever walked into the Walmart or Target and seen those sugar cookies that are frosted with the bright colored icing and usually have themed sprinkles? The cookies are delish! They are soft but not crumbly. Not chewy or crunchy, but more melt in your mouth yummmmm. The frosting is perfection as well. You […]

Spicy Sweet Potato Hash

I’m all about saving money (as well as time) and part of that is using what you have instead of just buying more. It not only saves money since I don’t throw out a bunch of food that has gone bad, but it also helps me get more creative with my meals. You won’t usually […]

Mock General Tso Cauliflower

I used to get General Tso’s Chicken all the time at Asian restaurants. Have you ever had it? It’s that spicy, sweet, kinda orangey flavored breaded chicken. It’s really good, but loaded with sodium, fat and other ingredients. The other night, The Kid wanted some kind of Asian food but I didn’t have any of […]

High Protein Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles

Lemon poppy seed muffins are really popular. I love their sunny coloring and the lemon flavor. I’ve even seen lemon poppy seed loaves with glaze over top. That’s some good stuff. I was playing around this weekend in the kitchen, and my mom had given me poppy seeds. I can’t say that I’ve ever used […]