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Six Things To Consider When Deciding To Diet

When I was growing up, I always wanted a body like my Mom. She is 5’11” and usually weighed around 125 – 135 lbs – tall and thin. On the other hand, I was shorter and wider so I had to be content with the fact that I took after the other side of the […]

Coconut Black Sticky Rice

We’ve all probably had that sticky rice that you get in Asian restaurants or with your sushi. That’s stuff is pretty good but it’s so ordinary. It’s just plain ole white or should I say… vanilla. LOL. I don’t do ordinary so I experimented with black sticky rice the other night for a special occasion. […]

Asian Pear Salsa

The other day I talked about how I figure out a recipe as I’m throwing things together into a bowl. It’s a pretty simple process and I usually measure and add a little of this and that as I go. As part of my birthday dinner the other night, I made an Asian Pear Salsa […]

Have Fun With Food – Lose That Chicken And Broccoli

If you’ve been reading here a bit, you probably already know this. If you’re new, I want to explain that my mission is to prove that being healthy isn’t boring and doesn’t involve lots of chicken and broccoli. It can if you want it to but if you really want plain ole chicken and broccoli, […]

Age Is Only A Number So Ignore It

Today is my birthday. It’s actually not just any birthday, but in my mind it’s a milestone birthday – 45. Forty FIVE! That doesn’t seem possible in my mind. I sure don’t feel that old. In honor of being old, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that it’s never too late to […]