Archives for March 2014

In An Instant Chicken Teriyaki

The other day, The Kid had a special request for dinner. Since she hardly ever asks for anything in particular for dinner, I squealed with excitement jumped at the chance to grant her wish and make chicken teriyaki. Even if I had teriyaki sauce in the house (I don’t), I’m not one to use it […]

21 Day Bootcamp Detox Challenge with

For the last few years, I’ve tried to incorporate yoga into my workouts at least once (if not twice) a week. It’s a great complement to lifting since lifting contracts the muscles and yoga stretches them out.  At first, I hated it. I forced myself to go. I wasn’t bendy and it made my head […]

Salsa Chimichurri

A few weeks ago, I mentioned buying the best quality ingredients that you can afford as it really makes a difference in the final meal result. In the past, I was buying cheap steaks that were low in fat basically because I didn’t know any better. I admittedly have no clue about cuts of beef. […]

Fresh Kale Pesto

Confession time. I’m cheap. But you already knew that if you’ve been reading here for a while. There aren’t many coupons out there for fresh foods like meat, dairy, or produce so I need to find ways to make up for that problem. If I’m at the grocery store and I’m buying produce that you […]

Banish Cravings and Taste Bud Boredom

Before starting my Accidental Fitness Quest, my favorite thing was to stop every Friday on the way to work and get two fully loaded cream filled chocolate iced donuts AND a venti white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Holy caffeine gods, my arteries just slammed shut typing that out. That was every Friday! Plus whatever […]