Archives for February 2014

Low Fat Cajun Shrimp and Grits

Did you know that next week is Mardi Gras? Now I’m not one that usually celebrates Mardi Gras but I do like any occasion to celebrate with regional foods. When you think of Southern foods, most times it’s fried and covered with gravy and includes some kind of biscuits and butter. In honor of the event, […]

Napoletana Thin Crust Pizza with Grilled Chicken and Bacon Marmalade

I love pizza. A couple weeks ago, The Kid and I decided to try a hoity toity (<—– another official Quest Term) pizza place near us. This place has a pizza certification from Italian chefs with Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana. Pinkies up! They use special flour, ingredients and techniques to make this pizza. I have […]

Hangry – The Intersection of Hunger and Anger

You know that old joke about being on the Seafood Diet? I see food and then I want to eat it. Last time in the Health Doesn’t Weight series, we talked about what a balanced meal looks like and checking in with your stomach 3 or 4 hours after eating one to see if you’re hungry […]

Dairy Free Linguine Alfredo Florentine with Grilled Chicken

When I think of comfort food, I usually think of a bowl of pasta. Pasta with a vodka cream sauce, lasagna, or creamy alfredo sauce. Since The Kid has a dairy allergy, creamy takes on a different meaning at the Quest House. Honestly, I don’t even miss it most times. Occasionally I do like cheese […]

Baked Filet o’Fish with Dill Mayonnaise

There was a time a few years ago that fish sticks were considered a food group in our house. It was all The Kid would eat night after night. Personally I used to love the Filet o’Fish from Mickey D’s. If you’ve ever eaten one, you know how the chewy bun they use gets stuck […]