Archives for January 2014

Grilled Asian Chicken

Some nights you just need to throw together something simple and fast, yet still tastes great. This was one of those perfect recipes meeting that criteria. Marinating chicken breasts is so easy to do and takes almost no effort at all. The marinade helps to add flavor without a lot of calories, and the vinegar […]

Lemon Turmeric Chicken with Olives

After reading about some of the benefits to cooking with turmeric and using it on my chicken skewers, I decided to try another recipe. Hey, a little turmeric goes a long way and I’ve got a lifetime supply in a jar to get through. 😉 I love the color of it and it adds a […]

Raisin Chocolate Chip Scones

Maybe Marie Antoinette actually said “My throne for a scone!” Have you tried scones? They are kind of like the biscuits sweet cousin. They have the texture of a buttermilk biscuit but you usually find them in sweet flavors with dried fruits, chocolate bits, vanilla flavored, gingerbread, pumpkin. You get the idea. I haven’t made […]

Slow Cooker Pork and Sauteed Apples

The other day I was looking through the pantry when my eyes went down to the very bottom where I keep my slow cooker. For some reason this winter I haven’t gotten it out yet despite it being like the easiest thing ever to use to make dinners. So, I fixed that issue. The recipe […]

Pork Paprikash with Yellow Squash Noodles

Do you get yourself birthday presents? I usually get myself a little something just for fun. My birthday was in November and as part of the birthday celebration, I treated myself to a new kitchen gadget. I know, surprising that I would opt for something to cook with. Contain your shock. 😉 The purchase was made […]