Archives for December 2013

Italian Cream Mugcake

One of my favorite desserts from my former life was Italian cream cake which is sometimes called Italian Wedding Cake. It’s a dense vanilla cake filled with coconut and nuts and usually frosted with a creamy vanilla frosting. I guess it does resemble wedding cake since it’s pretty white unlike other golden vanilla cakes. The […]

Shrimp Vindaloo

Have you ever been eating something at a restaurant and thought “Sheesh, I bet I could make this at home”? I was eating at an Indian restaurant the other day and had that moment. The vindaloo I ordered was really good, but I got to thinking that the ingredients seemed to be pretty simple. In […]

Mexican Black Bean Soup

When it’s cold outside, I love a warm bowl of soup so we’ve been having a lot of soups lately. You might think it’s so much easier to open a can of soup and heat it up than to make your own from scratch. That’s not always the case. Sometimes it can be pretty easy […]

Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cupcakes

When I was growing up, my grandmother always used to make angel food cakes. The angel food was the cause of many a misadventure and funny story. When making an angel food cake, you’re supposed to take it out of the oven and turn it upside down to cool. Supposedly it keeps the cake from […]

Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

Do you have things that you look for in a recipe to consider it worthy of trying? I was thinking about this the other day and came up with a list of criteria that I try to meet when putting together my recipes and meal plans (in no particular order): Fast and easy to make […]