Archives for July 2013

Tequila Pico Di Gallo

Do you stand up straight or does your posture suck like mine does? My posture was built on good intentions, but it’s just so much more… comfortable… to just slump and schlep about. Because of this, my body has grown to love the nice rounded position. Because of this, my posing coach has assigned me […]

It’s All Greek To Me

Thanks to my ex-husband, my last name is Greek. When I’m out and someone recognizes the name as Greek, they always say “You don’t look Greek.” Um, yeah. That’s because I’m not. They also usually follow it up with pointing out someone they know who is Greek and ask if I know them. Right, because […]

Gazpacho – A Dish Best Served Cold

I don’t know why but the story I’m about to tell you makes me laugh every time I think about it, but for a strange reason it just does. The other day I was at the gym doing my usual thing. There was a guy near me that was using the lying leg curl machine. […]

Have You Ever Purchased A Veggie That Turned Out To Be Something Else?

I was at the farmer’s market this past Saturday on a mission to find a jicama. I’ve had jicama sliced in salads and wanted to try using them on my own. They are crunchy and kinda like a potato in texture. I wasn’t quite sure what to look for since I assumed the whole version […]

What’s Your Favorite Type Of Waffle?

Growing up one of my favorite breakfasts was two blueberry waffles warm from the toaster and spread with peanut butter. The PB would get all melty and ooze into the waffle holes. If you haven’t tried it, you must. And yes, I’m referring to the blueberry waffles with the faux blueberry bits. Although I’m betting […]