Archives for May 2013

Steamed Cod With Fennel and Oranges

Do you eat fish at your house? We tend to eat fish a couple nights a week. Not so much for any health benefits, but because we like it. Yes, The Kid prefers her fish in stick form but she’s also perfectly happy eating it in other ways. Maybe it’s because we’re originally from the […]

Lightened Up Lasagna or Guilt Free Pasta!

I love pasta! Cheesy, gooey, slurpy goodness all rolled into one. Sigh, but when I think pasta I also think about the size of my future backside. In fact, in going through all the recipes on here there isn’t a single pasta recipe… until now. I had to create a new category of Pasta just […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 10 AKA 5 Months Out

Another week of workouts are now under my belt. This week finished up 70% of my one rep max and I’m moving on again to 80%. That 10% sounds small until you get under the bar and have to lift it. Then you realize just how big 10% really is. Amazingly even though I’ve been […]

Lightened Up and Easy Chicken Piccata

The Kid and I were out for Friday Night Dinner last week and we went to a restaurant where you can sit and watch the chefs cook everyone’s dinner. I always love watching so I asked if we could sit within viewing distance. The woman was incredible with how she managed to make all the […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 9

After last week’s discovery regarding the success of my squats, I decided to change things up a little bit with my workouts this month. I finished out 2 months using the same exercises each workout so it was perfect timing to make some modifications. I’m going to be focusing for a few months on hamstrings […]