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Workouts of the Week: Week 6 AKA Hate The Scale

Last week’s workouts were hard! I know, I always say that but really this time. Really really. With the sets of higher reps thrown in after hitting 70% of my one rep max, the pump in my muscles was incredible. The skin on my arms felt tight on pull day and I was sore most […]

Protein Peanut Butter Cups – No Lie!

Do you love peanut butter cups? I do with their salty, sweet peanut buttery goodness. I haven’t had a single PB cup since my experiment at Halloween, believe it or not. I usually just settle for PB off a spoon from the jar. That’s how I roll. The other day I decided I wanted PB […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 5

This week I started another 4 week cycle based on my new one rep max calculations. In a way it’s good that my 1RMs went up, but oof that means I’ve also got to lift more. 😉 I’m back down to using 60% of my 1RM to give my muscles a little bit of a deload, but still […]

Workouts of the Week: Week 4

This week’s workouts were killer! I cannot even describe how hard they were. In fact, I’d wager they may have been the 4 hardest I’ve ever done. At least mentally. Squat Day and Lift Day were the worst. I even considered ending the workout a couple times during Lift Day, but I just pictured standing […]

Clean Chimichurri for Contest Prep

If you’re going to commit to something, you need to just fully commit. Leaving yourself an out, just lets you get away with maybe or maybe not putting 100% effort in. I decided to stop hemming and hawing and just make a commitment. As of today, I am officially registered for my next competition on […]