Archives for March 2013

A New Kid On The Block

This has been one of the most exciting weekends we’ve had in a long time at the Quest Household! We’ve got a new addition to our family. With the passing of Thing One in December, Thing Two has been missing a friend. I contacted the local rescue group and we met a few possibilities but none […]

Workouts For The Week: Week 2

Another week of workouts are officially under my belt. This week I’ve started to mentally prepare for my next contest on October 26th. Sqeeeeee! It’s still not a definite, but I’m going to act like it is and make the final decision closer to show date. I really want to make sure I give it my […]

Once You Get There, It’s Time To Put It In Reverse

If you are like most people, you’ll find that the concept of losing weight is relatively easy to figure out. I’m not saying easy to do since it does require willpower, but basically you cut calories and exercise and the weight comes off. Calories in less than calories out, repeat until done. It’s maintaining the […]

Snap, Crackle. Wait!

Some times you find out the strangest things by mistake. Since I’m always doing some crazy workout and I’m no spring chicken (cluck, cluck), I’m usually sore. The soreness varies and isn’t anything major even on the worst days. I walk funny after leg day. I snap, crackle and pop walking around. Meh, no big […]

Getting Ready For The Gun Show

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I decided to change up my workouts a bit so that I could track my progress better. I’m definitely the kind of person that needs concrete evidence that I’m getting better. I don’t like the gray areas of “Is that better?” or “Does that picture really look different?” […]