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New Goals To Aim For Along With Some New Workout Plans

Do you have a goal that you’re working towards? I have a list of things that I want to do this year and I’ve been crossing a bunch off the list lately. The Kid and I went to a murder mystery dinner the other week. I tried a new hair color with highlights for my […]

Like Many Things, Attitude Is Everything

Much like me, my dad has always been an unhealthy eater. At least as far back as I can remember he’s eaten mostly junk. He hates veggies unless they are coated in cheese or butter. His idea of healthy eating is a small amount of instant oatmeal doused with a ton of brown sugar and […]

Not Your Ordinary Pie – This One Is Fit For A King

Purple is my favorite color. It’s the perfect combination of blue and red, yet it’s so much more exciting than just the primary colors. A few years ago I saw a huge head of purple cauliflower in the grocery store and was thrilled to get it home and whip up it for dinner. Imagine the […]

Need Help Sleeping Better? There’s An App For That

Are you a morning person or more of a night owl? I guarantee you 100% that I’m not a night owl. I’ve never understood those kinds of people that go out to dinner or dates starting at 8 pm. Gah, I’m winding down with a book or magazine at that point, most likely in my jammies. I’m […]

The Case of the Insane Eyeball

We haven’t had much of a winter here in Texas this year. Combine that with hideous allergies and suddenly you have a recipe for disaster for those of us who suffer from pollen issues. For the past couple weeks, my left eye has been slightly itchy and had a little tiny red spot in it. […]