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Today Is A Special Day – The End Of A Decade

Today is a special day. Not just because it’s Halloween, but because it was ten years ago that we arrived in Texas. TEN years. An entire decade. It truly doesn’t seem that long. Ten years ago, I was 32 years old with a toddler. I was recently separated from my husband and no one in […]

Dust Off That Dumbbell And Bust A Move

This weekend I was putting together a workout plan for a client and I asked what equipment she had to work with. Her response was that she thought she had a single 10 pound dumbbell and that was it. I know a lot of us have a lonely dumbbell gathering dust in the garage or in […]

Denial Is Once Again Just A River

This week we’re wrapping up the Happiness Project for October and personally I’ve learned a lot from paying attention, in particular to what I’m feeling physically in both energy and appetite. It’s actually been really freeing to retire my heart rate monitor and workout just for the fun of the challenge instead of stressing over […]

Scenes From A Busy Week – Time To Catch Up

The Kid and I have been extra busy this weekend with all kinds of her must dos and fun to dos. I’m sitting here now trying not to look in Halloween horror at my to do list, so I decided to visit the Land of Denial and blog instead. Hold on while I get my […]

It Was A Dark (And Stormy) Chocolate Night

I wanted something chocolatey last night so I immediately thought about my new donut pan. I perused the recipe that came with it and decided to try my hand at a chocolate version. The pumpkin spice version worked out really well, so I figured even if the chocolate version was half as good I’d be […]