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Can You Satisfy A Chocolate Craving In A Healthy Way?

Cacao! I love saying that word. It reminds me of Pa-POW! Yes, that’s how my brain functions to entertain myself. Whatever makes life fun, right? Cacao is a relatively recent finding of mine and I wanted to spread the word to you chocolate lovers in case you hadn’t heard of it. I never used to […]

What Do You Do Without A To Do List?

Ah, to live the life of a dog. Yesterday Thing Two had a relaxing 2 mile walk to wear him out. After a nice nap, he decided to chew up my To Do List and leave me guessing what was on it. Maybe he was sending me a message that I needed to focus on […]

When The Going Gets Tough, What Do You Do?

How are you doing on your goals for July? We’re heading into the home stretch so you should be thinking about your goals for August while checking on your progress for the last month. Don’t forget to update your progress pictures and measurements! I’d love to hear your results. I’m already planning some fun stuff […]

Climb A Mountain, Or At Least Run Up A Hill

Oh, intervals. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. <Insert wistful sigh> Have you tried intervals? If not, you’re really missing out. There are so many variations of them that you can’t possibly get bored.  You can do them inside or outside. On a machine or using just your bodyweight. Longer intervals […]

Don’t Dream The Impossible Dream – Just Do It

Today is a special day here at AFQ. Not only is it Friday, but I get the honor of introducing you to a very special person. The one, the only Jimmy Compton! I met Jimmy just over a year ago on Twitter and since then he’s been a source of inspiration for me. I absolutely […]