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The Magical Powers of Three

I’m showing my age here, but does anyone else remember Schoolhouse Rock on Saturday mornings? I learned all kinds of multiplication, social studies, and grammar tidbits. One of my favorites was Three is a Magic Number. Yes, it is. It’s a magic number. I can even sing it to you if you’d like. Designers use […]

A New Twist With Hunger Games – Pots and Plots

As you know, I’m a wannabe foodie. I love recipes, eating, following a recipe and eating. You get the idea. I’ve had it on the Quest List for a while now to take a cooking class from a fancy foodie place. I finally found the class for me! It wasn’t your run of the mill […]

5 Ways to Use Greek Yogurt Besides Using a Spoon

Let me take a moment to introduce you to one of my BFFs. If you haven’t already met, you’re seriously missing out. I’m talking about Greek yogurt. No, it’s not the same as regular yogurt. Not even close. The consistency is much thicker and lower in sugar than regular yogurt and the protein is almost double. […]

8 Ways To Keep Motivated and Push Through a Workout

If challenges were easy, everyone would tackle them. Women’s Health magazine says that 50 percent of people who start a new fitness program quit in the first six months. I can vouch firsthand for how hard it can be. It doesn’t really get easier. You get stronger and fitter, then you up the ante and […]

It’s Time to Lend a Helping Hand

I’m warning you in advance, this is going to be a long post since I’ve got a lot to tell you. As part of June’s Even Happier Quest, I’ve been working hard on the task to Make time For Friends. I took a couple painting classes this week and set a goal for myself to […]