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Live in the Moment on the Quest for Happiness

Today is the last Monday in April which means that it’s the last chance to accomplish the task to Lighten Up in the Even Happier Quest. Due to the way that April fell on the calendar, we got an extra Monday in the month. The Happiness Project only had four suggestions which we already covered so I […]

Scavenging the Countryside for Buffalo and Donkeys

The Kid and I signed up for a scavenger hunt adventure at a huge ranch slightly west of here. It sounded like fun and the drive was a nice one. It was pretty much in the middle of nowhere on 37 acres. There were animals, a pool, games like horseshoes, and a bunch of nature. […]

Does Rosemary Help With A Freak Out Moment?

I have a spot in my garden where nothing grows. It’s a bad spot because when it rains, this spot floods. When it’s dry, this spot doesn’t hold onto any water and the ground cracks. I planted all kinds of things there in the past. Cactus, lavender, other plants that like alternating desert/flood and clay […]

Celebrating A Day Off With A Spice Cake Shake

The vacation time at my work is like a lot of places – use it or lose it. I did some quick calculations and figured out that I had a few days to take off before the end of our benefit year so I decided to take a long weekend. This is no ordinary weekend. […]

Inspiration Can Be Found When You Least Expect It

Sunday morning I hit the gym just after it opened. I usually go early to get it out of the way, but this time I wanted to be there first thing. There’s a group of older (in their 60s??) gentlemen who congregate in the weight area. They seem to not have a plan, wander between machines unpredictably, and […]