Archives for March 2012

Ten Million Fireflies To Light Up The Sky, Or At Least 7,000

The Kid and I finally had our big day – we ran the Firefly Run! It was our second 5k this year. As The Kid announced, two down and a thousand more to go. I’m excited that she likes doing them so much. This one went to another great cause which was Cook’s Childrens Medical […]

My Gym Moment And A New Laundry Experiment

I had a moment at the gym yesterday. I got there and headed to the treadmill to warm up and get my 30 minutes of HIIT in before my workout. It was pretty crowded since it was after work so I squeezed in between two treadmills already in use. I was about 10 minutes in […]

Is Cardio Possible Without Machines?

I was talking to a friend at work the other day and I mentioned that I had to do my cardio when I got home. He looked at me funny and said “How do you do cardio without going to a gym?” I seriously thought he was joking at first, then realized he wasn’t. Wow. […]

I Sleep Like A Baby Most Nights

Like a newborn baby that is, that wakes up every few hours. Do you sleep through the night? Most nights I don’t. I’ve almost always had issues in this area. The reason varies, but usually it’s not from lack of tiredness. It used to be because something would wake me up and my mind would […]

Sweet And Delicious Chicken Tater Soup

Last week I was trying to use up the last of the veggies before my new supply arrived. I’ve been on a soup kick lately since The Kid loves soup, it’s easy to make, and makes a lot all at once. Leftovers are also a snap and you can freeze some for later if you […]