Archives for February 2012

Intervals To Test My Mental And Physical Endurance

I’ve been trying to lift a little weight on my cardio days so that I can keep building muscle endurance while burning calories. Since I do this workout on cardio days, I keep the weight pretty light. Another reason to keep it light is so that I can lift the weight for the full one […]

Many Mini Cupcakes And Batches For Later

I’m definitely on a cupcake kick lately. I get excited now just thinking about the different types of unique cupcakes that I can put together. I’ve always been onboard with the cupcake craze but I’ve decided that I prefer mini cupcakes to the regular sized ones. That way I get to eat more cupcakes for […]

Is It Possible To Show Even More Love?

This is the fourth and final Monday in February which also means it’s the final task to Remember Love in the Even Happier Quest. Last week’s task of giving compliments was a great experiment. I made sure to stop and ask cashiers how their day was going. I chatted with people while standing in line. I […]

Burgers And Cupcakes To End A Great Week

Yesterday was an awesome day! There was a food frenzy and I got to try a bunch of different foods that I’ve been craving all week. French toast, hamburger, and cupcakes were the highlights. It was funny. We went to Fuddruckers and The Kid ordered the big kid’s meal and I got the regular kid’s […]

Produce Surprises On A Sunny Saturday

Saturdays are seriously my favorite day of the week. I wait all week for Saturday to get here. I have to get up and burn 1000 calories to start my day off right, but after that it’s all downhill. This morning I swung by the IHOP and got French toast. I stayed sane with my […]