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Buy Once, Cook Once, Eat Many Times

Since I’m still in the cutting phase, my eating has been tighter than usual and I haven’t had the extra calories to taste test multiple versions of recipes. I admit not all my recipes turn out great the first time, and I do tweak some of them before posting for you. I can’t have you […]

January Has A Bonus Monday To Work On Goals

Did you know that January has five Mondays in it? At least it does this year. That means we get five tasks to Boost Energy in our Even Happier Quest! I can use all the help I can get for more energy so I’ll gladly take it. I’ve really been good this month about adding […]

If We Can’t Trot The Globe, We’ll See The Globetrotters Instead

The Kid and I had a blast yesterday! I got up and was able to get my sprints and Thing Two walk out of the way. We had fun stuff to accomplish after the To Dos got done. We saw the Harlem Globetrotters! That was pretty cool. They were really big when I was growing […]

Plan What You Eat And Eat What You Planned

My first week of cutting is 5/7ths of the way done. Not that I’m counting! 😉 I’ve gotten through 5 really low days – starting low and getting lower. Yesterday was a tad rough and my humor took a sarcastic turn mid-day. Today is refeed day! Aren’t you glad you’ve learned two bodybuilding terms this week just […]

Have You Ever Wondered Something And It Was Suddenly Answered

Soooo… How’s your willpower today? Are you feeling strong? I resisted bagels this week. Fridays used to be my favorite day o’ the week. I’d drop The Kid off at daycare (a few years back) or school then swing by Target on the way to work and pick up two chocolate iced kreme-filled Krispy Kremes and a venti […]