Archives for November 2011

When You Don’t Have A Toy, Improvise

Last night I was reading a magazine and I heard a noise from the living room that was clearly the sound of someone furry getting into something that he shouldn’t. After investigating, I found that Thing Two had pulled an ornament off the tree and decided to play ball with it. I returned the ornament […]

Balancing Plates Is Not As Easy As It Looks

I’m now part way into Week 2 of no jumping/lifting and I’ve stuck to the eating plan so far. The scale yesterday morning was actually down a couple pounds despite the holiday last week and lack of calorie burning. I’m making sure to not overeat but also not to undereat. That was an issue that […]

A Tale of Shrek and the Broccoli Stalks

The Kid and I went to see Ice at the Gaylord Texan on our last day of vacation. This is a huge exhibit carved in thousands of pounds of ice by Chinese artists that fly over every year for the occasion. It’s really quite spectacular how detailed the sculputures are. This year’s theme was Shrek […]

Bring On The Bunny Herd, We’re Ready

Yesterday The Kid and I made our weekly pilgrimage to the local Sam’s Club to do our grocery shopping. We go grocery shopping weekly because it just works out easier and more efficient for us that way. Plus I’m not sure I could get more than a week’s worth in my refrigerator. We don’t eat […]

My Poor Brain Is As Cloudy As The Day

A weird thing is happening this week. I know, you’re surprised that weird things are happening in the Quest Household but humor me any way. Exhaustion seems to be setting in and that is very weird for me. Since I’ve got a Titanic boat load of stuff on my To Do List on an average […]