Archives for September 2011

Angry Birds Help You Serve Better

Thank goodness it’s Friday! We made it through the week at last. It’s been a busy week but hopefully there will be some free kitchen time this weekend because I have a recipe that I’m dying to try and share with you. Stayed tuned, it looks to be a good one. This week we had […]

Borrowing Things While On The Go

Today at work we are rolling out new software and I was asked to do store visits to make sure that everything goes as planned. It’s a nice break to spend half a day outside of the dark confines of the office so I’m thrilled that I get the chance to do it. It does […]

You’ll Have Everyone Green With Envy

I read somewhere (honestly I can’t remember where or I’d tell you) that you should try one new fruit or veggie each week to add some variety and prevent boredom. A couple weeks ago, I got a steal of a deal from Whole Foods and I made a trip there this weekend to spend my certificate. […]

Ah The Elusive Number 13, Again

As promised, here is the weekly progress picture on the six pack quest. It’s also my new twitter avi. If you’ve been following along, you know that yesterday was weigh and measure day with Trainer Man. I was aiming for lucky number 13 this week and was pretty much on track. Then suddenly I got […]

Changing Up Breakfast This Week And Trying Something New

I found a great cookbook and was reading through it yesterday morning as I relaxed for a bit. It’s called Paleo Comfort Foods and it’s full of yummy, paleo friendly recipes! I’ve been eating my chocolate, almond butter eggs for a few weeks now for breakfast and I decided to try something new. I found a recipe […]