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Today’s Random Topic of Choice – Poop!

Everywhere you turn, there is misinformation about fitness and nutrition. You google and read about the latest research. Google again and find the exact opposite. No wonder people are having such a hard time losing weight, getting in shape, or meeting their goals. I’ve learned so much in the last year and laugh at some […]

Even Dogs Can Have Insomnia

It’s early here. Very early. 6:10 am to be exact and I’ve been up for quite a while. Since it’s been so hot this summer, Thing Two’s walks have been cut in half distance-wise and also haven’t happened as often timewise. I rolled over around 4:30 this morning to face two eyeballs staring at me […]

Nothing Better Than Free Tomatoes

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to win my first ever giveaway! This wasn’t just any giveaway. This was a tomato giveaway, proudly sponsored by The Hippy Health Nut. My wonderful gift arrived in a cute crate full of tomatoes and recipes, but I had a special idea in mind for a couple of the […]

Such A Smooth Day You’ll Be Green With Jealousy

Today started out like any other – with a To Do List a mile long. The Kid got a call from a couple friends and asked if I could drop her off at the mall so they could hang out. I figured it would help me get my list done faster so I had no […]

I Love Tom Yum Soup

I’m a big fan of Thai food… yep. In particular the Tom Yum soup which is that tasty coconut chicken soup. There’s a restaurant here that makes a great Tom Yum. I can practically taste it now. Under the inspiration of Mike from Twitter last night, I decided to do a quick and easy version […]