Archives for June 2011

The Gym Has Non-Health Advantages Too

Everyone talks about the wonderful heath benefits of working out and going to the gym. Now that I’m a new gym member, I’ve realized that there are several non health-related perks that no one talks about. Surprising, but true, gym perks: I always get to wear comfortable shoes when I go to the gym. No […]

Moving Day (or Four) Is Here

Good morning, readers! I’ve got a bit of exciting news for you. The readership of my blog has really taken off lately. I guess I really do have something interesting to say at times. I’ve been talking to people and reading furiously, and have made the decision to convert my blog over to another platform. The […]

Can’t Never Could But I Will!

Apparently most of the journey towards fitness through the valley of contest prep is mental. No, not crazy mental in the way you’re thinking. Mental as in mind over matter, or in this case mind over body. These are the words of my invaluable trainer and it really got me thinking. He always says if […]

What Have You Learned To Not Keep In The House

As I sat here tonight, I began thinking about things that I really shouldn’t buy. Not under any circumstances. Things that are usually out of sight, out of mind. But if they’re in the house, they are shaking in their boots just waiting to be eaten in mass quantities if spotted by me. You probably have […]

They Say Never Spit Into The Wind

The same applies to paddleboarding too. The Kid and I had our 2 hour stand up paddleboarding lesson, SUP as it’s referred to officially. It was rather windy on the lake but the instructor took us out for our lesson anyway. It was kind of relaxing and took some strength to paddle, but I’m not sure it […]