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New Spices, New Recipe, and New Faves

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this update. I had a nice post all written up and ready to go, and then yesterday got exciting and the original plan got scrapped. See how flexible I am? I’ll post it sometime this coming week. Yesterday The Kid and I made an impromptu […]

Tomato, Toh-Mah-To – Both Are Tasty

Toh-may-toes, toh-mah-toes. Or is it tah-may-ters? Either way I love them. And at long last, I’ve got another tasty recipe for you. I had a ton of roma tomatoes around since they were on sale this week and I stocked up. I wanted to do something more than a pasta sauce so I sautéed them […]

Healthy Eating Has Benefits But Can Cost More

I’ve always been a huge coupon person. Yes, I’m usually that person that you don’t want ahead of you in line because I’ve got a stack of coupons to use. I love the extreme coupon shows and websites, and I aspire to someday get a massive cart of groceries for $2. Imagine the squealing if […]

I’m Nuts Over Coconuts – 19 Uses For Coconut Oil

I always have coconut oil around since it’s been claimed to increase your metabolism and keep your energy up while burning fat and building muscle. I use it instead of olive oil to saute veggies and I also sometimes mix it with baking cocoa for a dark chocolate snack. That stuff is pretty tasty and […]

On A Roll(er) And Having A Ball Now!

With all my crazy workouts, I’m sore 99% of the time. The other 1% I’m usually am not realizing that I’m not sore. Soreness goes hand in hand with pushing muscles beyond their comfort zone. See? Even muscles don’t like change. 😉 I’m not talking agonizing soreness. Just the kind that makes you moan and […]