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Firsts, New Terminology, and a Quotation

The Kid has just completed the first week of middle school! This is the first year that school has ended late enough that I get to pick her up after school instead of relying on daycare. I don’t know who was more excited about school starting – her or me. I got there with locker […]

Naked Lockers and Early Mornings

Yesterday was The Kid’s orientation for middle school and she is so excited she can barely contain herself. I dropped her off for a couple hours along with all the other 6th graders, and they had older volunteers that walk them through their class schedule, show them how to open their lockers, and other school-related […]

Running Is Fat’s Punishment!

Last night I had my weekly weight and measurements with Adam and I am now officially down to 18% body fat, on the nose. So in the past 6 weeks, I’ve gone from 24.7% down to 18%. Not too shabby if you ask me. The most frustrating part though is that the scale is not […]

Little Known Facts About the Skinny Crowd

For some reason on Friday when I was training, I happened to be the only one there in the entire place. Besides Adam the Trainer, of course. I wonder what everyone else was doing on a Friday evening. Since we had the place to ourselves, I was able to question him regarding the contest idea […]

Seven Stages of Working Out

This has been a week of change at last. I guess the stars just aligned right somehow, and everything that I’ve been doing has started visually paying off. Yes, each week there has been a change on paper with fat loss and measurements, but looking in the mirror I haven’t seen a change. Something happened […]