Archives for June 2010

Time to Call in the Professionals

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated. Life has been getting in the way and I enjoyed my two weeks off during my kid-free time. It’s like a two week vacation from a full time job! She’s back now and really enjoyed her trip and adventures with Grandma. We’ve been having a blast the past […]

Seasickness And The Silver Shoes

I was walking Thing Two yesterday and I realized that it was the first time ever that a day passed without me seeing or talking to The Kid. They set sail Sunday evening and it was a day and a half before they were due to dock and she was going to be able to […]

Busy Day But Boredom Sets In

Today is Day 2 of my kid free staycation. I believe at this point I’m officially bored as I’ve gone through most of my To Do list. It’s amazing how much my productivity has gone up without my mom duties keeping me busy. I love my To Do list, specifically my To Do list app […]

Cake in Ball Form

One of my friends has a blog and a couple weeks ago she mentioned that she tried something called cake balls. Being the cake addict that I am, I was quite intrigued but put it out of my mind. Meh, too far to drive for over priced balls of cake. That is until Wednesday, when once […]

Tears, Trauma, and Too Little To Eat

After a lot of tears and trauma, The Kid and Mom were off to the airport yesterday and their adventure is now beginning. I’m sitting here at home listening to the sound of silence. Actually I guess I’m listening to the sound of a movie on the TV. An R rated movie! This only happens […]