Dairy Free Magic Bars

Have you ever had Hello Dolly Bars? I think the name is a regional thing. They call the Hello Dolly bars here in the South, but back home in Maryland we called them Magic Bars or 7 Layer Bars. They’re all the same thing. Graham cracker crust topped with coconut, nuts, and chocolate chips. Then […]

Spicy Sweet Potato Hash

I’m all about saving money (as well as time) and part of that is using what you have instead of just buying more. It not only saves money since I don’t throw out a bunch of food that has gone bad, but it also helps me get more creative with my meals. You won’t usually […]

Mock General Tso Cauliflower

I used to get General Tso’s Chicken all the time at Asian restaurants. Have you ever had it? It’s that spicy, sweet, kinda orangey flavored breaded chicken. It’s really good, but loaded with sodium, fat and other ingredients. The other night, The Kid wanted some kind of Asian food but I didn’t have any of […]

Possible Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight – My Real World Example

Back in my pre-AFQ days, I always wondered why I couldn’t lose weight. I mean there were weeks that I did lose, but there were more weeks that I didn’t. Gah, frustrating! I truly had no idea why. If you’d asked me what I was eating, I would have said that I ate really well […]

Mexican Enchilada Lasagna

I always recommend that you think beyond the obvious when you make your meals to keep things fun. When you go the unexpected route, it makes food feel a little bit special. Hey, it works when you have breakfast for dinner or pizza for breakfast, right? The Kid is a typical kid and loves pasta. […]