Spicy Peanut Brittle

Spicy Peanut Brittle

Have you ever noticed someone tasting wine? They swirl it in the glass. They smell the bouquet. They sip it slowly and savor it. Foodies do the same kind of thing with their meals. They pay attention to the flavors and enjoy the experience. The average, every day people don’t tend to do that. We […]

How Many Times Have You Failed At A Diet Or Workout Program?

Never a Failure

I can’t stick to any workout or diet program. I’ve tried them all and I do great for a few days and then totally fall apart. I’ve said those words many a time. Gah, I tried all kinds of programs from 90 day DVDs that you do in your own living room to Paleo to low […]

Compound Your Weight Loss Results With Small Changes

Small Changes

When I work with clients, I take what I call a habit based approach to their nutrition. There are four core habits that we work on first and master each one before adding on. Small changes add up, just like the pennies here or there in your savings account. The compound on each other and […]

Grilled Chicken Wonton Mini Tacos

Wonton Mini Tacos

The other day one of my followers on Facebook had a special request for me. She’d been to Applebee’s and had their Grilled Chicken Wonton Taco appetizer, and she asked me if I could Questify it. Could I?! More like I danced around and jumped at the chance. If there’s food involved, I’m there. Now […]

Mango Jicama Salad

Mango Jicama Salad

Have you ever noticed that people put a lot of effort into making things hard when the answer is sometimes much easier? We watch shows like The Biggest Loser or infomercials about being hardcore and insane with your workouts. We read magazines that tell you this is what warriors do to whip themselves into shape […]