Blackened Chile-Dusted Chicken

Blackened Chile Dusted Chicken

I’m always looking for shortcuts and ways to use up odds and ends that I have in the kitchen. Because of that some times, I throw together random ingredients that just seem to work together. This recipe was one of them. I made a batch of brown rice over the weekend, and I had a plastic […]

Curried Lentil Bowl with Root Veggies and Pepitas

Curried Lentil Bowl

Last week The Kid and I took a road trip to Austin. I love Austin! It’s so laid back and it’s also a great place to get meals that are on the healthy side. After all it’s the birthplace of Whole Foods, and there are also plenty of vegan places to choose from. Not just […]

Linguine with Sicilian Pesto

Linguine with Sicilian Pesto

The other day I was asked for a pasta recipe that didn’t require a lot of time or cooking. I’m all for recipes that you can throw on the table fast and this one couldn’t be easier. You get the taste of tomatoes, garlic and parmesan from an Italian dish but you don’t have to […]

Babaganoush Pasta

Babaganoush Pasta

The Kid has been begging for pasta lately so I decided to have some fun with it and try out some different sauces instead of sticking to the traditional (and so expected) sauces. Babaganoush is a Mediterranean dip that is eggplant based and has a great flavor from the spices in it like cumin and […]

Vegan Vanilla Conchas

Vegan Vanilla Concha

Donuts are my thing. Yes, a fitness and nutrition coach with a donut addiction. I confess but it’s true. I even worked in a donut shop for several years and can tell you from personal experience that when they say you’ll get tired of them, they lie! (By the way if you want more donut […]