No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Baked Donuts

Dark Chocolate Donuts

The other night I wanted donuts. Go ahead. At least fake a surprised face at this announcement. Since I’m currently cutting to see how my muscle building experiment went, I didn’t have a lot of calories to spare. I got quite creative with this recipe in order to make it fit into the plan. I […]

What I Eat Wednesday – You Know You Want To Know

Proatmeal for Breakfast

One of the more popular things I do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is What I Eat Wednesday. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I post the meals that I eat during the day to give everyone ideas of what they can do to get creative. I purposely don’t plan out the day […]

Low Carb Zucchini Pasta with Pesto

Low Carb Zucchini Pasta

One of the problems with not ever lifting a weight for the first four decades of my life is the resulting scrawniness and lack of muscle. For the past year or so since my last show, I’ve been working hard to build some much needed muscle and fill out a little bit. To build any […]

My Top 5 All Time Pages from AFQ

It’s always interesting to see which recipes are the most pinned from this site on Pinterest.  If you’re wondering, it looks like it’s the Summer Cucumber Watermelon Salad that wins the contest there. I love that a colorful fruit and veggie salad wins out over all of the mugcakes, cookies, and main dishes. That salad is […]

Salmon Dill Mini Frittatas

Salmon Dill Frittatas

Eggs are one of those things that are great for breakfast because they fill you up. Since they are a weekend thing for many of us due to time, having them during the week somehow makes them seem special. Like I said though, who has time to make eggs for breakfast during the week?! I […]